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Logo Finanxial Corp; Beyond Planing Solutions Managing For Growth

Consulting and processing services (accounting and taxes)

Logo Finanxial; Investment Advisor

Financial Planning and Investment Counseling Services

Logo Finanxial; Information Technology

Information Technology and Support Services

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Group and Individual Insurance

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Financial Audits and Internal Control Systems

Logo Navarro Morgado Associates

Financial Asset Management Services

Logo Finanxial Corp; Beyond Planning Solutions Managing For Growth
Finanxial Corp.
    Consulting and processing services (accounting and taxes)

Since 1996, at Finanxial Corp., we have provided consulting, taxes, managerial and financial analysis, monitoring and business support services.


Here, you will find everything you need: From the sources and tools to the planning and financial statements that will help you assess your current situation, the cash flow you have and the one you wish to achieve, your operational results and your opportunities.


- Accounting

  • Accounting personnel management

  • Revision of accounting processes carried out by internal accounting departments

  • Outsourcing

- Highly qualified staff to provide the necessary expertise

- Accounting Department

- Temporary personnel to cover vacant posts

- Vacation time, maternity leave, absences


- Acountants for Financial Analysis


- Design and development of Procedural Guidelines / Manuals for Accounting Processes and Systems


- Evaluation and Revision of Accounting Processes


- Evaluation and Revision of Internal Controls

            *Accounting and Bookkeeping Processing

                        - General Ledger Management

                        - Accounts payable and receivable

                        - Payroll

                        - Entry adjustments

                        - Bank statement reconciliation


* Accounting software assistance

- Mass 200, 90

- ADP franchises

- Peachtree

- Quickbooks


- Taxes (Local, State, and Federal)

  • Income and taxes consulting and planning

  • Tax preparation and processing

    • Crporations, associations, individuals, and retirement plans

      • Income reports, properties/real estate, etc.

      • Payroll and  tax return

      • Sales and Use Tax (IVU)

      • Retirement plans


- Consulting

  • Managerial consulting

                        - Business plans

                        - Forecasts and estimates

                        - Cost analysis

                        - Budget

                        - Break-even point analysis

                        - Compensation packages

                        - Buy and sell agreements

                        - Business Registry

  • Business Appraisements

                        - Business acquisitions

                        - Liquidations/Closeouts

                        - Transfer plans

  • Inheritance Management

  • Legal Assistance

    • Cost Benefit Claims

    • Business closeouts

    • Divorces


Our consulting services may be easily modified to meet your specific needs, identify potential opportunities, and  help you keep your operations and future income under control while you focus on reaching your goals. Our personalized financial  package includes all the accounting services your business needs.


To achieve  these goals, our financial planners will, carefully, analyze every aspect of your business before making any transaction, thus avoiding unnecessary or excessive payments. 


Logo Navarro, Morgado & Associates
Navarro, Morgado & Associates PSC.
   Financial Audits and Internal Control Systems

Navarro, Morgado & Associates, PSC (NMA) is a professional company  that offers the services of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's). We  manage every aspect of the accounting service your company needs: from the simplest certifications to the most complex auditing procedures.


- Audits


*Compliance Audit, including Single Audits

*Retirement Plans

- Full Scope

- Limited Scope


An audit is the most effective method to improve your finances and provide the appropriate documentation to banks, suppliers, and other organizations interested in your business.


- Attestation Services:

            *Fraud Detection

            *Due Diligence



Financial audits are carried out following the United States' Generally Accepted Auditing Standards; all other audits follow the Government Auditing Standards established by the US General Comptroller; The US Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133; Audits of State, Local Government, and Non-Profit Organizations, and the Department of Labor (DOL), among others.


NMA will also assist you in the evaluation of the internal control system  of your business, make recommendations for its improvement, and participate in the implementation of the controls approved by the administrator. Our careful and systematic approach to the company’s  internal controls allows for properly detecting all control points.


- Internal Control Systems







Navarro, Morgado & Associates,  serves all type of businesses such as:



            *Real Estate Developers


            *Retirement plans

            *Car Dealers


            *Professional Services


            *Healthcare Services



Don't miss the  opportunity of getting the high-quality services you deserve.


Logo Finanxial; Information Technology
Finanxial Information Technology
   Information Technology and Support Services

For over 10 years, at Finanxial IT (FIT), we have provided information systems and computer networks to different businesses on the Island.  FIT facilitates assistance and technological services for setting-up and maintaining the infrastructure your company needs.


Our staff expertise and thorough knowledge  in all operative systems,  will assist you in creating  a technological foundation that will propel your success:


  • Internet Access

  • Application Design and Development

  • Network Set-up

  • E-mail and Instant Messaging

  • Windows XP, Microsoft Office Suites

  • Security Virus Protection

  • Broadband Network

  • VPN and Remote Access

  • Disaster Recovery

  • IT Architecture

  • Telecommunications

  • Microsoft .NET Servers


Our services allow for automated server monitoring, anti-virus maintenance, and quick access to specialized support, usually  available only to large enterprises.  Size is  never an issue, we offer our services to all type of businesses.


            Troubleshooting & Help Desk – Expert advice is just a phone call away. Our experts provide immediate technical support. 


            Project Management   


Finanxial IT has solid experience in development of custom solutions. By thoroughly analyzing our clients business needs and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions. Our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.


Businesses turn to finanxial IT to ensure that IT can add value to their business through outsourcing their IT infrastructure.


Logo Finanxial; Investment Advisor
Finanxial Investment Advisor
   Financial Planning and Investment Counseling Services

At Finanxial Investment Advisors, Corp., we make sure your investments are suitable to your needs and financial goals.   This is achieved through the application of investment strategies and financial planning principles.


  • Asset Management –   Develops a goal and risk tolerance client profile

  • Financial Planning / Investment Advisory –  Identifies the tools that best fit the established client profile

  • Portfolio Construction – Identifies the client’s diversification based on the Modern Portfolio Theory


 Our business alliances with Charles Schwab Institutional, Fidelity Investments and BAM Advisory Services, allow us to provide top quality asset management solutions tailored to our clients specific needs.


We have also established business alliances with retirement plan administrative providers to  fully manage your plan, from the initial establishing steps to the most complex proceedings, such as taxes.



                 Finanxial Investment Advisor Registered Rep:

                           Fernando Navarro Castillo


Some of the products and services we offer are:


  • Asset Allocation

  • Corporate Services

  • Stocks

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • ADR's

  • Mutual Funds

  • Fixed and Variable Annuities

  • Money Market

  • Trust Funds

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Certificates of Deposit

  • 401K/1081.01  Employee Plans

  • 403B Retirement Planning

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Term and Universal Insurance

  • Fiscal Planning

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Options

  • Government Bonds

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)


Planning is the key to success  especially in finances. Don't leave your financial future to chance: to reach your goals, trust our experts.  


Securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC (  6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 (954) 782-4771. Advisory Services are offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc. Finanxial Asset Management and Finanxial Investment Advisor are not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.


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Logo Finanxial Insurance
Finanxial Insurance
   Group and Individual Insurance

At Finanxial Insurance Corp., we can help you protect everything you've worked so hard for.


We'll evaluate all of your commercial and individual (Personal Package) insurance policies, at no cost to you. Our staff is licensed, experienced, and highly qualified to evaluate and determine if the coverage you already have is enough for you and yours. You already trust our financial expertise, so let us now offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the coverage you really need.


Now, under the same roof, you'll find the most knowledgeable financial and insurance consultants, planners, and advisors. We'll help you develop and strengthen your personal and entrepreneurial futures.


Group and Individual Insurance:

  • Life

  • Disability

  • Health/Long Term Care


  • Other Insurance Services

    • Individual Life Insurance

      • Group & Business Insurance

        • Key Person Insurance

        • Business Succession Planning

          • Cros Purchase Buy - Sell Agreements

          • Entity Purchase Buy - Sell Agreements

        • Group Long-Term Care Insurance

        • Group Disability Insurance

        • Group Life Insurance

        • Group Medical Plans


We know about insurance, so how about letting us help you protect you and yours. We not only help you plan, develop, and grow your business; when it comes to protecting and strengthening your future, you can also count on us.


Securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC (  6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 (954) 782-4771. Advisory Services are offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc. Finanxial Asset Management and Finanxial Insurance are not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.


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Logo Finanxial Insurance
Finanxial Asset Management
   Financial Services

Our Investments Program provides:


  • Complete Brokerage Services

    • Stocks

    • Annuities

    • Insurance

    • IRA's

    • REIT's


  • Financial Planning

    • Retirement Plans

      • Set-up/Design

      • Consulting

        • Investment Policy Development

        • Investment Portfolio and Asset Allocation Set-up/Design

    • College Funding

    • Risk (Insurance Analysis)

    • Investment/Tax Relationship

    • Estate Planning


  • Retirement Plans

    • Set-up/Design

      • Corporate, Individual, Non-profit

        • Defined benefits (Pensions)

        • Defined contributions (Corporate and Keogh's)

          • Profit Sharing

          • 401k/165e

          • Money Purchase

          • Target Benefit

          • Non- qualified plans

          • Investment Policy

          • Discrimination tests

          • Enrollment and Continued Education for participants

          • Procedures Manual

          • Loans

          • Report documentation

          • Annual Reports




Getting effective investment advice has become more important than ever before. Our Registered Representatives (RR) are well aware of this. They look for the most efficient combination of products and services to meet your needs.


Because we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs and priorities of every company and the individuals within, we design specific financial planning strategies for each one.


Our retirement plans are structured to meet your needs and those of your staff. Your company specific needs, legal and technical aspects are taken into consideration when implementing and setting up the Retirement Plan.


Our strategic products and services alliances been the key components to the success we have had in the highly competitive industry we operate in. We are proud to say that our financial experts have greatly contributed to our clients' achieving their personal and financial goals.




Securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC (  6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 (954) 782-4771. Advisory Services are offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc. Finanxial Asset Management is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.


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